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The Cover Company Ltd

Manufacturers of tailor-made waterproof covers, specialising in boat covers.

Front Well Deck, Cratch Cover, Tonneau Cover

Cratch Cover

Cratch covers are manufactured over a cratch board to optimise the space at the front of a narrowboat.

Windows and zips can be added to your preference, the most popular style is to have a window on each side and a zip on either side of the window, allowing you to roll up the middle section making access to your boat easier.

Window covers can be added giving you the flexibility of privacy or letting the light through. 

We can also manufacture your cratch board without laminated glass and make a front section out of your chosen material. This makes accessing the gas locker much easier. Please click the link below to see photographs of our work.

Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is a flat sloping cover, from the roof of your boat to the front, ideal for protecting your deck and doors from debris and the elements. A window can also be added to allow light in. 

Framework Cratch Cover

As an alternative option, we can manufacture and supply a front cover over stainless steel framework. As well as being able to roll up the front section, the framework is fully re-movable.

For more images please click here to visit our gallery.

Tel: 0161 270 4869

Email: [email protected]



Can't decide on which colour? No problem...

we can manufacture you a two-tone cover to match the colours of your boat.


As seen in Waterways World magazine, we have had the privilege of creating a conservatory-style cratch cover.

Not only does a cratch cover provide you with the extra living area you need, the overhead windows make the interior feel even more spacious and by optimising your outdoor view, it generates that conservatory feel.