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The Cover Company Ltd

Manufacturers of tailor-made waterproof covers, specialising in boat covers.

Cratch Board, Narrowboat Front well deck

Cratch Boards help to maximise the living space on your Narrowboat front well deck. Providing you with an extra 'room', it can really help to make you more comfortable, by giving you an additional seating area or storage space, having a Cratch Board and cover could potentially free up some of your on board living area. Additional benefits to having a Cratch Board and cratch cover is that as well as having an extra sheltered area, it can also help to keep the cold draughts out, and if you have windows in your cratch cover, it will still allow natural light to come through to your narrowboat.

Our Cratch Boards, are manufactured using sepele mahogony and laminated glass. We take great care and attention to detail when making the finishing touches to our cratch boards. We use sikkens varnish to provide you with a long lasting, beautiful cratch board. We can provide them with or without a centre spar. Another option we offer is to have your cratch board manufactured with 'folding wings' to enable you to open the window.

Alternatively, you can have your cratch board manufactured, without the laminated glass and we can manufacture a front section out of your chosen material. This makes accessing the gas locker much easier!

We also offer the option to have a stainless steel framework, which has to added benefit of being able to roll the front section up as well as being fully removable.

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Tel: 0161 270 4869