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The Cover Company Ltd

Manufacturers of tailor-made waterproof covers, specialising in boat covers.


Snap Fastener Sockets - Pack of 10


Durable-Button Type Snap Fasteners:

• Pack of 10 Snap Fastener Sockets

15mm Diameter

The Snap Fastener Socket is to be used with the Snap Fastener Button (16mm Diameter) which are crimped together to create a Snap.

If you are attaching material to a surface/deck you will need the Snap Fastener Button with the Snap Fastener Socket (which crimp together) along with Snap Fastener Stud base (15mm Diameter) which can be screwed into the wooden/fibreglass surface/deck or rivet into steel surface/deck.

For material to material you will need the Snap Fastener Button with Snap Fastener Socket (which are crimped together), along with Snap Fastener Stud Base with Snap Fastener base Post (15mm Diameter, 6mm Post) which also crimp together.

We sell all four snap fastener parts and the durable hand set tool with plastic bed, which are compatible with each other and are available for purchase.

All fixings are marine grade, nickel plated brass and are rust free with a high resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

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